“Wherever we are, people have certain universal emotions. We’re really all the same” -Bobby Model

Bobby Model was a quiet philanthropist, making gifts to small community health clinics and rural schools in far away places where a few dollars could make a significant impact. In that spirit, the Bobby Model Charitable Fund was established in March 2010. The fund supports humanitarian efforts throughout the world that were close to Bobby’s heart. In addition, each year a grant will be made in Bobby’s name to support a National Geographic Young Explorer photographer. Young Explorers grants offer opportunities to individuals ages 18-25 to pursue research, conservation, and exploration-related projects. An initial grant from National Geographic helped launch the careers of many of the Society’s, and our planet’s, most renowned explorers. Today, Young Explorers grants help cover field project costs for hard-working, passionate, creative individuals with great ideas.

Bobby inspired all of us to live our lives fully, and brought to us a body of work that celebrated life everywhere. Thank you for helping to build the Bobby Model Charitable Fund, and thank you for helping us to extend Bobby’s unconditional compassion.